MoiStore is a great situated high-end fashion store in the middle of the Born quarter in Barcelona. Owner of MoiStore is Jean Yves Terron, fashion designer and with a great devotion for shapes and colors

 Interview with Jean Yves Terron

How did you get the idea of  MOISTORE?

I decided to open up this shop because I wanted to create a space for woman who know who they are, are strong and secure about fashion. I wanted to change that.

What‘s the idea behind MOISTORE?

The idea is to unite fashion, music, art and  photography and create a unity.

Which brands do you have?

Our main designers are Ailanto, Menchén Tomàs, Barbara Alan Alan, Gustavo Lins and Brigitte Bardot Clothing. We also have our own clothing brand, MOI. Our brands all have one in common: the good quality.

You are also a designer. How do you do this?

I have a very clear idea about what I want to design. I did things completely backwards because I started as shop assistant and now, as fashion designer, that allows me to know what women really want to wear. I know now what women are looking for and what kind of clothes suits the perfectly. Not everything must be innovation: The most important thing is to highlight the beauty of the woman.

Where and how do you pick your fashion for the store?

All around the world. We think it’s very important to go to the best fashionable fairs of the sector. Travelling is worth it.

What‘s the most expensive piece you ever sold?

The most expensive wold I’ve ever sold is a Thierry Mugler wedding dress.

What‘s the best seller?

they are all best sellers in here!

What would you NEVER sell in your store?

Hawaiian shirts.

What do you like the most about your store?

The atmosphere you can feel in our store – it is very special. Light, corners, street, people… just everything makes MoiStore to a magic place.

What‘s your favorite shop?

My favorite shop is Comme des garçons in Paris, close to Palace Matignon.

What do a designer like you to do on sundays?

We’re opened on sundays so I have to work.

What‘s your favorite city and why?

My favorite city is Barcelona. It has the perfect size, a privileged climate and the beautiful sea, which I love.

What‘s your next goal you want to achieve?  

My dream already has come true. It’s MoiStore!

Very sweet interview, Thank you Jean! And if you want to meet Jean, just visit his store, he is always up for a great fashion advice!

Carrer de Rere Palau, 2,
08003 Barcelona