My music career started with 17. I made a couple records and published them on myspace and another old lithuanina music page , which doesn’t exists anymore. After couple of weeks I suddenly got like 10 calls from a lot of different music management companies and i started to work with one of them.

My teen music was very spontaneous and with very crazy wicked non logical lyrics.
Now my music is more ambitious, naked and just the truth about me. I love to work when I feel passion about it inside. In the past I was fooling around with a lot of different languages but now I write texts which are more mature and stuff that I really have on my mind. My songs are like a diary, something about me what I want to share with people. At the moment I especially love to sing old jazz standards and interpret it in my own way, but still keep it classy. I am constantly seeking something new in my art. I don’t like to play the same songs over and over again because I like it NEW n‘ FRESH.

make music, go crazy, love with all your heart!




I’ve always been immersed in arts, besides my interest on science and mathematics. Actually I think that during the process of doing any creative process, there is an unconscious level of harmony and math composition structure which is integral to our nature. So studying a math related career has let me understand the process and equilibrium of the composition I do from another point of view.

I get most of my ideas before or after sleeping. Drawing in my mind with my eyes closed helps a lot to improve techniques and my own aesthetic and concept o the works. I have never taken painting or drawing lessons and I hate copying plants, humans or objects. I mean, I’ve done it, but that’s it, never again. I paint mostly with oil because of its per- sistence and vibrant colors while it also allows me to work in different manners with different pigments, varnishes and mediums. My latest works are landscapes, structures and imaginary creatures. I like doing figurative compositions. Sometimes I spend a lot of time making my sketches before starting the actual painting. Sometimes the idea just comes into my head and the painting starts spontaneously. I really like both processes, it just depends on the moment. Most of my work are representations of myths and scenes of my own imaginary stories. I play piano and violin which plays a major role during the creative process because it can free and complete the idea from another technique, it refreshes the concept so I can continue painting.

Finally, last year I was able to involve robotics and coding in my work. I did an interactive installation with robots based on paper-sculptures implemented with Raspberry-Pi and Arduino and did a few 3D interactive games. Nowadays technology plays an important role in our lives and art has to criticize and use these techniques. I think a contemporary artist should get to know and work with contemporary techniques.

Starting here in Vilnius, Lithuania


I will be studying in Vilnius 6 months in the scope of the Erasmus exchange program. So the next months I will be telling you all about Lithuania, the country, the culture, the people, art and of course it’s fashion scene. I’ve already spotted lots of lovely shops with products, produced in Lithuania. I really like the style, so get prepared for some local fashion and lithuanian fashion designers. Also I am very exited to check out the art scene, so I am very looking forward to these 6 months!





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I was born and grown up in Okinawa, a small island in Japan. Okinawa has a mixed culture of Japan, China and America because of its history. Since I was little, I am full of curiosity and always wanted to go abroad. I like to experience unique and different cultures from different places.

Before I studied jewelry at the college of Art and Design Central Saint Martins, I took my first degree in Chinese in Tokyo. I never thought of becoming a designer until that time. I liked fashion, but they said that you would not get enough money as a fashion designer. I thought that I would just work for a good company and make money. However, I was not interested in looking for a job at a normal company, then realised that I should go for what I really like.

I flew to London in 2011 to study fashion at Central Saint Martins. I have never studied art and design before, so I went to London and first started to learn how to draw. While studying in foundation course, my passion shifted to jewelry and accessories. I thought that these areas have a lot of potentials to explore. I enjoyed conceptual work as well as the beauty of the object itself. I always try to make statement jewelry with a concept behind. I am very interested in making show-jewelry for catwalk and other stage events. Weiterlesen


Normally I don’t post song lyrics but recently  I discovered the band Jewish Monkeys  and deeply fell in love with their song „caravan petrol“. I just adore the variety that they are revealing through this song, take a quick look at it:


Caravan Petrol – I want control – Nissan Patrol
Remote control – Caraca-racara – Caravan PetrolOy isn’t it an oily planet?
Money feeds the oily expectations of the oil-consuming nations
Leads to global exploitation
I used to be a motherfucker, not knowing what to do in life
I was looking for sensation
In the army of salvation
But they didn’t have a clue
If only they would see
How clean the world could be
If they just exchanged the oil for solar energy
Wouldn’t it be nice?
If I went to paradise
Leaving earth a better place
Unspoiled by human race

I used to be a motherfucker

Not knowing what to do in life
I was living in disguise
 And was hiding from my wife
 Desperately wandering in the desert
Trying to purify some water
But instead I met the daughter
Of the Sheik who owned the well
Well well well well! Fatima Morgana
I showed her my banana
We listened to Santana
This desert is Nirvana, Fatima Morgana
Was licking my banana
Erupting a Fontana
Her Papa was in oil,
I start to like the goil




The tall, green, trees stood in front of the entrance of the majestic train station. There was peace and order all around. The wide streets, full of silent people. Each person with her own thoughts, with her habits. So, yes, I immediately thought that Leipzig was a city much more „german“ than Berlin, more characterized, more organized, more ordered, maybe whiter. Trams were perfectly efficient and the streets were clean.

The afternoon after our arrival the plan was to take a walk to the city center with S. -our friend who we were visiting in Leipzig- but we were too tired to go out. So, with a cup of tea in front of us, we were nailed to  the chairs of S.’s kitchen until the sun began to set and the sky outside was getting darker. We talked about everything, without limits, telling each other all the stories that we had to report since the Erasmus was over. Everything was so perfect and nostalgic.

I don’t know what was the thing that most struck me of our experience in Leipzig… Maybe it was the heavy metal concert we went the same night. It was in a sort of secret pub, hidden in an old building whose walls were covered up by graffiti. Or maybe it was the electronic club where we went after the metal concert. We tasted the typical German liquor and were walking back home for 30 minutes. We were so tired… But anyway, the next day would have been a new day: we would be ready to rule the world… and in fact we woke up at 01.30 p.m.



What will happen the 17th November 2015? In the night of the 17th there will be plenty of shooting stars falling from the heaven! So should we put our head down and hide into protection? No, don’t worry!

Let’s jump into the year 1988. From the darkness of our universe the comet „55P / Tempel-Tuttle“ dares coming out after 33 years into the wild bunch of our planet. On his journey through the universe the comet leaves behind a trail full of rocks and dust particles. When a planet pass through the legacies of Temple Tuttle, the particles just fall down. A simple comparison is the windshield of a truck that goes through a swarm of flys.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-13 um 14.35.03

As the earth makes one revolution every year, we can see this beautiful Leonids spectacle always in the week from the 16th until the 22th November. But can these meteors be dangerous? No. Although their speed of round about 70 kilometers per second, the meteors burn up immediately in flames up in the sky. Weiterlesen


A girl from a small city in south Italy visited Berlin, for the second time. These lines are her personal impressions and thoughts about the capital of Döner and Techno. 

Day #1

My first impression when I entered Berlin was like a step back in time: I was on the bus, driving from the Tegel airport to the hostel. It felt like the firsts minutes when I’ve entered Bordeaux last year for my Erasmus. Quite a view people were sitting on the bus, silence everywhere except for the robot voice which was speaking in a different language I couldn’t understand and almost the same residential neighbourhoods which were passing by through the bus’s windows.

Just one thing was different: me. I didn’t feel like a stranger inside, just a person who just arrived in a new country. A person who was ready for a long trip that would let her discover a different Germany compared to the one I remembered.

Day #2

Amazing autumn colours of Berlin’s trees. It’s incredible that something so simple and almost unthinkable can change so much the appearance of a city: yellow, red, green and every shade looked so beautiful all along the streets.

Friedrichstrasse, Brandeburg Gate, Memorial to the Murdered Jews, Potsdamer Platz and Check Point Charlie looked exactly the same like one year ago, while I was in Berlin during my summer holidays. But I also had the same feeling like before: there’s something I miss in this city. Something words can’t explain and even I can’t really understand what it is. It’s like a huge transparent wall between me and Berlin: I can see wonderful things through it but I can’t touch them. Weiterlesen


In the next few weeks I would like to present young and upcoming artists.  It’s about motivating others to follow their dreams or take a look into other professions. Everybody has his own story to tell and I think it’s worth to get to know the lives of others. Tell us about things that makes you dream, work, laugh, things that inspires you and show us the great work you’re doing.
Also if you are interested in making art, here are some people who could inspire you. Read their story and get inspired to create your own thing!
I will give everybody the space on my blog to tell his or her personal story and present his or her work. No matter what you do, what you’re learning and what you think – this is your space to express all of these things! No matter what: fashion, writing, drawing, photography – doesn’t matter!


MoiStore is situated in the Born district of Barcelona, where all the creative heads have their ateliers. The owner of Moi Store is Jean, a very talented spanish designer. While working with him, I noticed how passionated he is about fashion, materials and traditions. He is not only the owner and designer but also works at the store, so don‘t hesitate to pass by and meet Jean.