I study fashion in university. I’m crazy about fashion, it’s playing a big role in my life. Yet I don’t know exactly who I am and where I want myself to move on,  so I am trying to work in different directions. On the one hand I create dark and depressive illustrations and on the other hand I prepare kids collections and some delicate fashion. Sometimes I think that there are more people living inside me. I reflect these different personalities within my work. Of course mood is another influencer, the designs depend a lot on how I feel in a particular moment.

I’m from Russia, Vladivostok. It’s a small town surrounded by the sea , not far from Russia’s borders with China and North Korea. My town inspires me a lot because I can feel and experience the Asian mood here. Even the city itself  seems like a half-blood person. Russian culture meets  Asian culture, this place is unique. I have already visited Japan, China and Korea and noticed that each of this countries or somehow in my city. You can find them in the food, music,  street styles or interiors. No matter where you go, you can feel foreign mood everywhere.  My city is combining them all together, that’s wonderful.





I was born in Israel, but moved to the United States when I was 18. My father is an amazing artist, and I grew up with constant art lessons and surrounded with art books. Being an artist was kind of a natural choice, however, life had different plans for me, and only at the age of 30 I realized that this is what I want to do full time.

I studied fashion design, and my art is on the borderline of fashion illustrations and fine art. I also studied classical painting and took fine arts classes at college. The knowledge I gained about all the different techniques, color theory, and understanding of the human figure helps me create pieces that I feel represent me. I love the feminine figure and face. I am fascinated by different ethnicities, different skin tones and bone structures. I am always on a lookout for inspiring faces and images.

My workday starts early, sometimes 6 AM. I feel that my brain and visions are the sharpest in the morning, without the events of the days taking up room in my mind. I always start with a warm up sketch. I have a library of inspiration images and I pick one and just start sketching with pencil or pastels. I sometimes finish it within 10 minutes, other times I struggle with it and 2 hours go by and I am giving up on the sketch, but either way, after that I feel ready for the day.
I have been collecting art supplies since I remember myself, so my selection is large: watercolor, pastels, pencils, markers, oil, acrylic and more (slight hoarding issue here), but my main choice is watercolor, which I tend to mix with color pencils, soft pastels and acrylic. I am slightly intimidated by oil paint, but I push myself to work with it at least once a month.



M A X I M‘ S  S T O R Y

I am a self taught illustrator. I was born in a small country town called Sarov in Russia. I began to draw since I was a kid, I draw robots, knights, castles and after a time also more serious images such as image reproductions of some book illustrations or portraits of friends. At the age of 21, I moved to Moscow, entered the University with a degree in marketing and am living there for 12 years now. During this time I changed a lot of different professions such as bartender, sales manager or marketing economist.


I began drawing professionally 5 years ago. I started as a computer graphics artist at a brokerage company which was specified in advertising and illustrations. I draw advertising banners, illustrations for booklets or humorous comics.  But soon I’ve lost interest in all of these things. They were not so close to me and I felt like I’m just wasting my time. Literally after a year full of illustration banners and brochures sites I got mentally very tired about it and decided to stop drawing on the computer for a while. I’ve decided to switch to the traditional methods of illustration and began to try oil, acrylic, watercolor and other techniques. Around the same time I discovered for the first time some illustrations made by Antonio Lopez, Rene Gryuo or Tony Viramontes. I was really impressed by their work and since then I’ve decided to improve my skills in fashion illustration. Today I am inspired by architectural forms, the work of contemporary fashion designers, traditional Japanese illustration and of course the beauty of a women.SONY DSC