I did not study fashion or went to some fancy fashion university. The idea of becoming a designer came to me like a flash in the night. Just like that I had the picture in my head and knew exactly what I want to do.

So, the idea for the brand was born. In the beginning I wanted to start the company just like this, without any knowledge but having good people in my back. But very soon I realized that I know nothing about creating clothes. I needed to learn all about it. I quitted my job and went to some kind of sewing school. It’s a program for people who wish to change their qualification, sponsored by the government. There you learn all about modeling, sewing and pattern making in 10 months. When the school was over I realized how important and difficult it is to be a creator but also how much I loved it. Within this time I created my first dress.

The beginning was hard work, of course. I was working on my first collection, my brother helped me with the website and finances. I started to sell few pieces on Facebook and it worked, people were buying. But I am still a newbie in this area so I don’t know everything. I have to learn a lot, about fabrics, quality, mass production or fashion shows. It is hard but also very inspiring. But gaining this knowledge is what I love about my job.

The hardest part is dealing with the business. People often think that being a designer is all about creativity and ideas but that’s not true. You have to be an entrepreneur. You have to know how to find good fabrics for a small price, where to order, how much to order and how much to produce. It’s a business. Yes, you have to be creative but you should never forget the business-part about your brand, it’s hell of important!

I believe the thing you have to do is believing in your idea, in your brand. I really believe that my products are unique. Casual but chic dresses, incomparable to other brands. I also design different clothes besides dresses but I can just do product with which I feel good. If I don’t feel the vibe, the connection to a product,  I can’t create it. But if there is a connection, the product will turn out amazing.


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My collection Memento Mori was first inspired by the work of Paul Koudounaris and his ‚Heavenly Bodies‚ series. I remember the first time I saw his photos and thinking that they were the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. His photos show catacomb saints which are skeletons of Christian martyrs adorned in jewels and gold work. As skeletons and jewels are 2 of my favourite things, I knew my collection had to be about them. From this I developed a concept where a family of catacomb saints are getting ready to attend a séance, and using what they were buried in to dress themselves as if they are going to a party.  The collection is fun, colourful and kitsch; everything that you don’t usually associate with death to demonstrate that the way the dead view their passing is the opposite of how it is viewed by the living.

I also make custom ‚I Hate You‘ tops as these were a stand out piece of my collection.

-Lauren Ward






I was born, raised and misbehaved in a sleepy town in the Midlands called Warwick. I don’t remember doing very much there apart from being really, really bored so fashion was like an escape into a world where people looked amazing and had interesting lives. I decided to go to Warwickshire College one night a week to learn fashion and textiles and completely fell in love. It was the first time I had been told I was good at something and that I should consider it as a career.

I became obsessed with fashion and spent all my time reading about designers, theories, making my own clothes, pattern cutting and teaching myself different techniques to put into practice. I decided to study BA Honours Fashion Design at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester. My time at university was hard but everything I learnt was valuable. I met some amazing and incredibly inspirational people and did an internship with my favourite designers, Meadham Kirchhoff. Here I got my first taste of high end, designer level fashion and I knew it was the industry for me. It was so exciting to see the most beautiful garments, with hours of craft and consideration put into them, and being able to see two designers that I greatly admired working taught me how this could be something that I one day have myself.



My route to fashion was very straightforward because I have always been surrounded by sewing, embroidery and crafts. My mum designed and sew our clothes and spent her nights with knitting and my grandmother was a pattern cutter and tailor.
I launched my very own fashion brand Yufash in 2013, with specialising in bespoke ladies evening and occasion wear. The more I integrated my signature to garments the more I got encouraged and exited to open my RTW line.

If you want to launch your own line then forget about the fun, at least at the beginning. OR if you want to have fun make sure you have plenty of budget to hire professionals for each role. Very quickly you’ll find out that you can only design and develop the product range and that will take all your time. Because when you grow the less and less time you will have as ‘to do’ list grows.
I have been lucky with my first year as I was successfully signed to Wolf and Badger boutique in Mayfair and just months after first RTW presentation got call from 20 Century Fox Channel stylist to be featured in hit series Scream Queens. Once you get the first succes the others will follow.



My music career started with 17. I made a couple records and published them on myspace and another old lithuanina music page , which doesn’t exists anymore. After couple of weeks I suddenly got like 10 calls from a lot of different music management companies and i started to work with one of them.

My teen music was very spontaneous and with very crazy wicked non logical lyrics.
Now my music is more ambitious, naked and just the truth about me. I love to work when I feel passion about it inside. In the past I was fooling around with a lot of different languages but now I write texts which are more mature and stuff that I really have on my mind. My songs are like a diary, something about me what I want to share with people. At the moment I especially love to sing old jazz standards and interpret it in my own way, but still keep it classy. I am constantly seeking something new in my art. I don’t like to play the same songs over and over again because I like it NEW n‘ FRESH.

make music, go crazy, love with all your heart!



I study fashion in university. I’m crazy about fashion, it’s playing a big role in my life. Yet I don’t know exactly who I am and where I want myself to move on,  so I am trying to work in different directions. On the one hand I create dark and depressive illustrations and on the other hand I prepare kids collections and some delicate fashion. Sometimes I think that there are more people living inside me. I reflect these different personalities within my work. Of course mood is another influencer, the designs depend a lot on how I feel in a particular moment.

I’m from Russia, Vladivostok. It’s a small town surrounded by the sea , not far from Russia’s borders with China and North Korea. My town inspires me a lot because I can feel and experience the Asian mood here. Even the city itself  seems like a half-blood person. Russian culture meets  Asian culture, this place is unique. I have already visited Japan, China and Korea and noticed that each of this countries or somehow in my city. You can find them in the food, music,  street styles or interiors. No matter where you go, you can feel foreign mood everywhere.  My city is combining them all together, that’s wonderful.




I knew I was going to be an artist when I was 15. I got thrilled about being able to conjure beautiful things only with a piece of paper and a pen. I did my BA from Visual Arts and Art Theory in London and I got a MA from Cultural policy and Art Education in Jyväskylä, Finland. Although the philosophy of art and its social aspects are interesting, I always went back to painting. When I paint, I can go somewhere I otherwise couldn’t go. I have been painting for a few years now and work at an art gallery every now and then.

My father was a peace keeper and this is why my family traveled a lot. We stayed in many places all over the world, sometimes for a short and sometimes for a long period of time. While changing my home, I fell in love with changing scenery and beautiful places: the mountains in Norway, the flowering fields in Hungary, the stars at night at the Mediterranean Sea and of course the fresh Finnish forests and lakes! The world is an amazing place! Ever since I feel that I don’t have a permanent stay but can feel at home everywhere. I believe that the visual memories of my childhood are affecting my work today and the search of home is one of the main topics in my art.



I’ve always been immersed in arts, besides my interest on science and mathematics. Actually I think that during the process of doing any creative process, there is an unconscious level of harmony and math composition structure which is integral to our nature. So studying a math related career has let me understand the process and equilibrium of the composition I do from another point of view.

I get most of my ideas before or after sleeping. Drawing in my mind with my eyes closed helps a lot to improve techniques and my own aesthetic and concept o the works. I have never taken painting or drawing lessons and I hate copying plants, humans or objects. I mean, I’ve done it, but that’s it, never again. I paint mostly with oil because of its per- sistence and vibrant colors while it also allows me to work in different manners with different pigments, varnishes and mediums. My latest works are landscapes, structures and imaginary creatures. I like doing figurative compositions. Sometimes I spend a lot of time making my sketches before starting the actual painting. Sometimes the idea just comes into my head and the painting starts spontaneously. I really like both processes, it just depends on the moment. Most of my work are representations of myths and scenes of my own imaginary stories. I play piano and violin which plays a major role during the creative process because it can free and complete the idea from another technique, it refreshes the concept so I can continue painting.

Finally, last year I was able to involve robotics and coding in my work. I did an interactive installation with robots based on paper-sculptures implemented with Raspberry-Pi and Arduino and did a few 3D interactive games. Nowadays technology plays an important role in our lives and art has to criticize and use these techniques. I think a contemporary artist should get to know and work with contemporary techniques.

Starting here in Vilnius, Lithuania


I will be studying in Vilnius 6 months in the scope of the Erasmus exchange program. So the next months I will be telling you all about Lithuania, the country, the culture, the people, art and of course it’s fashion scene. I’ve already spotted lots of lovely shops with products, produced in Lithuania. I really like the style, so get prepared for some local fashion and lithuanian fashion designers. Also I am very exited to check out the art scene, so I am very looking forward to these 6 months!






I was born in Israel, but moved to the United States when I was 18. My father is an amazing artist, and I grew up with constant art lessons and surrounded with art books. Being an artist was kind of a natural choice, however, life had different plans for me, and only at the age of 30 I realized that this is what I want to do full time.

I studied fashion design, and my art is on the borderline of fashion illustrations and fine art. I also studied classical painting and took fine arts classes at college. The knowledge I gained about all the different techniques, color theory, and understanding of the human figure helps me create pieces that I feel represent me. I love the feminine figure and face. I am fascinated by different ethnicities, different skin tones and bone structures. I am always on a lookout for inspiring faces and images.

My workday starts early, sometimes 6 AM. I feel that my brain and visions are the sharpest in the morning, without the events of the days taking up room in my mind. I always start with a warm up sketch. I have a library of inspiration images and I pick one and just start sketching with pencil or pastels. I sometimes finish it within 10 minutes, other times I struggle with it and 2 hours go by and I am giving up on the sketch, but either way, after that I feel ready for the day.
I have been collecting art supplies since I remember myself, so my selection is large: watercolor, pastels, pencils, markers, oil, acrylic and more (slight hoarding issue here), but my main choice is watercolor, which I tend to mix with color pencils, soft pastels and acrylic. I am slightly intimidated by oil paint, but I push myself to work with it at least once a month.