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Beatriz Furest is a local Barcelona brand, selling and producing locally in a small atelier in Barcelona. Their products are well made and have a high quality. Here is the interview with founder and main designer Beatriz Furest.


Beatriz, what exactly can we find in the store?
Apart from the bags and footwear, we have other accessories – a range of various everyday items such as bracelets, wallets and belts.

You are coming from a designer family. 1898 opened the first „Furest“ store in Barcelona. Is „Beatriz Furest“ a family business?
I think in retrospect yes, we are a family business. As we started out it was clear to create the business with us two sisters, myself and Carlota, as the two pillars of the company and with a clear objective. We have great respect for each other, a total confidence and trust in each other’s opinions, and we appreciate the qualities we find in each other. We constantly engage in a positive ‘ping-pong’, batting ideas back and forth, keeping the creativity flowing. This way we never get into anything with our eyes closed.

Were there any challenges that you have initially underestimated?
In this sense keeping your eyes open, and having a sense of caution is a good advisor – we have proceeded slowly and with restraint and avoided unnecessary risks, so we have also been able to avoid big challenges or errors in judgement.

When and why did you decide to design your own creations?
When I was 18, my mother said I needed to study or work, and regardless what I do, I need to do something that I can do, and can do well. So I decided to study graphic design, but what I really wanted to do was to design bags, which I also knew I could do well. So I went to work in a workshop in the area of Raval, here in Barcelona, learning everything there was to know about leather goods. After a while my father made a small investment in my business to help me get my own brand off the ground, and I created my first collection, which I sold to a high end store in Madrid and that was the start.

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Please describe how and where do you design/create?
I travel a lot, especially in Italy, which allows me to walk around and relax, absorb the influences, relax and seek information. Everything inspires me, I collect everything I love and when I cannot absorb any more, I start designing. First I create three designs that serve as the heart of the collection, and decide the colour chart.

What‘s the best seller at the store?
In the summer the sandals and the beach bags have been our best sellers, they are great styles and people love the colours, too.

What would you NEVER EVER design ?
For my part I would be happy to design anything that fits in to the Beatriz Furest lifestyle – even cars, or boats – so it’s hard to say what I wouldn’t design.

What kind of people are wearing your designs?
People like ourselves, young women in their thirties and fourties are our core customers – although our actual customers can be women also in their fifties and sixties – women that are urban, a bit sporty maybe, and with a good sense of style and an eye for what looks good.

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Do you see  the „fashion world“ differently now, while being a designer?
I always look at the world, and not only as a designer. I relax by seeing things I like, things that surprise me – but it is more difficult nowadays to be surprised… There is so much information, everyone is always in the know – it is more difficult to surprise people. Rest is gratifying.

What do you like to do on lazy, rainy sundays?
Walking along empty streets when there is no-one around, staying in the house in a cosy spot reading magazines looking at new things. I listen to music: Chopin’s Preludes, Bach (St Matthew Passion), or even Gyspy Kings.

What‘s „the style of Barcelona“ for you?
Casual, very masculine (for both men and women), sporty, nautical. There is a certain classic style that is well above any trends.

City-insider, please! Most amazing places to go in Barcelona?
Mercat Galvany (Calle Santaló), restaurant Martinez at Monjuic for the view, the newly renovated Avenida Diagonal that is looking great!

 Any tips for upcoming designer?
Perseverance. Confidence in their objectives, and in the products, being patient.

New Projects:
To expand the number of own-brand stores and more (international) presence.

Carrer de l’Esparteria 1
Tel. 00 34 93 237 5475


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