GLITCH and STUFF is mainly a place presenting local designers, (upcoming) artists and their art.

I am fascinated by all the creatives. People that are following their passion for writing, drawing, creating or making music. They deserve attention and this is why I’ve created GLITCH AND STUFF – a platform for everybody’s art. I am giving space to (upcoming) artists and their artworks. If it’s paintings, sculpture, fashion or whatever – I am interested in getting to know your passion and your personal story.

Basically, getting art is difficult. There are so many different kinds of art – but who defines it? Art is neither neither black nor white, it’s more an opinion, like greek philosopher Plato headed, it’s “lying in the eye of the beholder”. This platform is about presenting all of these artworks, so you can form your own opinion about it. It’s not about my own opinion – it’s you who decides.

Cheers, Sandra

Contact @:


P.S. No hate, just love ❤



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