After school I decided to study fashion at a professional school in Stuttgart. After my studies I got a degree in fashion design and pretty soon the chance to work as a stylist for a german television company in Berlin. It was pretty clear for me that I will not go into designing clothes, it’s nothing where I see myself into and the job offer was much better anyways.

I worked three years in Berlin and this time was really amazing! Berlin is full of wonderful stories, freedom, emotions and experience! After some time I decided to leave the capital and go back to my hometown, Nürnberg. Believe me, that was the hardest breakup of my life, even harder then any breakup with men. I already had some plans in my mind about opening up something on my own, a shop maybe where I could create „my very own small Berlin“ inside. But it was too soon, I knew I was not ready for that and I needed more experience.

At the time I got back to Nürnberg, Urban Outfitters planned to open their first shop. I really liked their concept so I started to work for them from the very beginning and basically builded up the very first Urban Outfitters in Nürnberg. That time gave me hell of experience! I learned so much about running a shop, clients, teamwork and personal limits… after my time at Urban I was ready for my very own thing.


Well, that was a very quick decision actually. A friend of mine found the location which was perfect. I called the owner, rented the place and that’s it. From then on I knew that I should open the store as soon as possible and there was still a lot to do inside!

I didn’t do a business plan or something like that. I am a perfectionist and with a business plan I would completely freak out about all the small details. Also, I hadn’t any time for that. From the moment I go the keys for the location, everything had to happen so quickly. There were a million things to do and I am lucky I had my friends and family by my side! We had to renovate the place, build up the furniture and decorate the store. Also, I needed products! I needed to think about which products do I want to sell in here and which one fit best to the store concept. I discovered some of the brands I got here on Instagram, others on fairs. Some are even made by friends of mine who have their own labels.


It is really important to have the right people around, they will be an enormous help. Also, appreciate yourself! Everyone tends to some kind of perfectionism, which will make you crazy and put you under pressure. You have to remember that there might be some imperfections but that is totally okay and you will be the only one noticing it anyways!

Oh, and: believe in what you do, because if you don’t , you’ll fail, that’s for sure!



W W W . E D I M S T O R E . D E






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