I did not study fashion or went to some fancy fashion university. The idea of becoming a designer came to me like a flash in the night. Just like that I had the picture in my head and knew exactly what I want to do.

So, the idea for the brand was born. In the beginning I wanted to start the company just like this, without any knowledge but having good people in my back. But very soon I realized that I know nothing about creating clothes. I needed to learn all about it. I quitted my job and went to some kind of sewing school. It’s a program for people who wish to change their qualification, sponsored by the government. There you learn all about modeling, sewing and pattern making in 10 months. When the school was over I realized how important and difficult it is to be a creator but also how much I loved it. Within this time I created my first dress.

The beginning was hard work, of course. I was working on my first collection, my brother helped me with the website and finances. I started to sell few pieces on Facebook and it worked, people were buying. But I am still a newbie in this area so I don’t know everything. I have to learn a lot, about fabrics, quality, mass production or fashion shows. It is hard but also very inspiring. But gaining this knowledge is what I love about my job.

The hardest part is dealing with the business. People often think that being a designer is all about creativity and ideas but that’s not true. You have to be an entrepreneur. You have to know how to find good fabrics for a small price, where to order, how much to order and how much to produce. It’s a business. Yes, you have to be creative but you should never forget the business-part about your brand, it’s hell of important!

I believe the thing you have to do is believing in your idea, in your brand. I really believe that my products are unique. Casual but chic dresses, incomparable to other brands. I also design different clothes besides dresses but I can just do product with which I feel good. If I don’t feel the vibe, the connection to a product,  I can’t create it. But if there is a connection, the product will turn out amazing.


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