From a young age I started to draw. While getting older I discovered that I do not only want to create paintings or sculptures but a whole lifestyle. I wanted to create real things that people could use. So I started to work at the Vilnius Fashion House as a tailor intern where I learned everything about tailoring and technical drawing. After that I went to study at the Vilnius Art Academy.

In the scope of an exchange program I went to Holland and really got inspired there. So much, that after university I wanted to get in touch with people who are developing fashion brands and knew all about the processes. I interviewed designers and business people in Holland and asked them how they managed this. Back in Lithuania I collected my knowledge and started my first fashion brand. I created two brands but both went bankrupt. I needed money so I started working as a freelancing designer for big international brands.

After freelancing for seven years I started my brand Julia Janus. That was within the time of another financial crisis in 2008 so all of my friends said I am crazy for starting another brand right in this time. But I managed, people were buying my stuff and after one year I opened up my store.

As we used pure linen for our clothing, we decided that our fashion is ecological. When we went to the fashion faire in Paris, we ordered our stand in the ecological district. We didn’t know that you need a lot of certificates proofing that all of your fabrics are purely ecological. Buyers that came to our stand were  looking for purely ecological fashion, which we were not. So, we were not their clients and they were not our buyers. I really learned one big lesson there: First inform yourself about something and than do it.

Julia Janus is a brand for mature people who are still rebells in their hearts. I do not make clothes which makes you feel very tight but love freedom of movement and respect the inner comfort of each soul. For me my fashion is more of an urban self expression…and it is very baltic, I am taking inspirations from the nature so a lot of my designs are irregular and the colors very foggy.



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