My collection Memento Mori was first inspired by the work of Paul Koudounaris and his ‚Heavenly Bodies‚ series. I remember the first time I saw his photos and thinking that they were the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. His photos show catacomb saints which are skeletons of Christian martyrs adorned in jewels and gold work. As skeletons and jewels are 2 of my favourite things, I knew my collection had to be about them. From this I developed a concept where a family of catacomb saints are getting ready to attend a séance, and using what they were buried in to dress themselves as if they are going to a party.  The collection is fun, colourful and kitsch; everything that you don’t usually associate with death to demonstrate that the way the dead view their passing is the opposite of how it is viewed by the living.

I also make custom ‚I Hate You‘ tops as these were a stand out piece of my collection.

-Lauren Ward






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