I was born, raised and misbehaved in a sleepy town in the Midlands called Warwick. I don’t remember doing very much there apart from being really, really bored so fashion was like an escape into a world where people looked amazing and had interesting lives. I decided to go to Warwickshire College one night a week to learn fashion and textiles and completely fell in love. It was the first time I had been told I was good at something and that I should consider it as a career.

I became obsessed with fashion and spent all my time reading about designers, theories, making my own clothes, pattern cutting and teaching myself different techniques to put into practice. I decided to study BA Honours Fashion Design at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester. My time at university was hard but everything I learnt was valuable. I met some amazing and incredibly inspirational people and did an internship with my favourite designers, Meadham Kirchhoff. Here I got my first taste of high end, designer level fashion and I knew it was the industry for me. It was so exciting to see the most beautiful garments, with hours of craft and consideration put into them, and being able to see two designers that I greatly admired working taught me how this could be something that I one day have myself.

It’s the only industry I can ever imagine working in as I am so in love with it as feels like home and it supports my ambitions. I also make custom ‚I Hate You‘ tops as these were a stand out piece of my collection so making personalized variations of these is great fun. My future ambitions are to make my own brand my main source of income, hopefully showing at London Fashion Week and collaborating with other talented creatives.

My advice: do it but be ready for some of the hardest things you will ever deal with. It has given me the best life ever and has saved me from living a life that I would look back on and regret. However its also the cause of most of my problems and I feel that it will prevent me from having other things in my life as it is a demanding industry. Never give up, constantly challenge yourself, make it your number one priority, take every opportunity and never think that you know it all.

For me, the high I get from being at a fashion show, or seeing my work being admired somewhere is a feeling I am constantly chasing. Knowledge is power and I am forever learning how to become the best fashion designer I can be and fulfilling all my wildest dreams.

-Lauren, London

INstagram @laurenvictoriadesign


„I love working in fashion as its so varied and there is always something new and surprising happening“

 „it’s the only place I feel that my creative vision is appreciated without people thinking I’m a bit weird“ 



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