I knew I was going to be an artist when I was 15. I got thrilled about being able to conjure beautiful things only with a piece of paper and a pen. I did my BA from Visual Arts and Art Theory in London and I got a MA from Cultural policy and Art Education in Jyväskylä, Finland. Although the philosophy of art and its social aspects are interesting, I always went back to painting. When I paint, I can go somewhere I otherwise couldn’t go. I have been painting for a few years now and work at an art gallery every now and then.

My father was a peace keeper and this is why my family traveled a lot. We stayed in many places all over the world, sometimes for a short and sometimes for a long period of time. While changing my home, I fell in love with changing scenery and beautiful places: the mountains in Norway, the flowering fields in Hungary, the stars at night at the Mediterranean Sea and of course the fresh Finnish forests and lakes! The world is an amazing place! Ever since I feel that I don’t have a permanent stay but can feel at home everywhere. I believe that the visual memories of my childhood are affecting my work today and the search of home is one of the main topics in my art.

The search for beauty keeps me going. I love the process when an idea transforms into a painting. If everything goes well, the painting creates itself and I am only there to let it happen. What’s interesting and challenging in painting is to keep oneself open to the unconscious thoughts and intuition and still control the act of painting and the outcome. Balancing between those two is really rewarding and process continuous learning.
The ideas for my paintings come in many different ways. Sometimes I get influenced by nature and the changing seasons or by the state of mind. Other times a single color can be the starting point for a painting. Quite often I have read an interesting story and want to translate it into visual language.

„Creativity and imagination are the key elements to a good life.“

We all should stay in touch with our creative side. People are creative creatures and it is somehow essential to our being. It is amazing how children don’t need any education to be creative! They dance the way professional choreographers try to teach their students: using floor space diagonally and horizontally, even using the wall as their dancing tool. Somehow and somewhere in life, adults loose the flow of ideas and have to learn being creative again!

It is difficult to define what my paintings are about. But even if I could explain them, I wouldn’t -because the meaning that people give to them are unique and variable. Art can be like a mirror and people can reflect their own life situations and emotions into it. „Stairs“ for example can be seen going up or down. The scenery can be moody or mighty. To some people a certain flower can be just beautiful, others consider that this flower represents suffering. One time a man looked at the work “Spring flight” where joyful hummingbird flies to freedom and told me that the painting is really sad. The birds are flying away, like his wife, who had just died! I had no idea the painting could be so sad and moving. This is the magic of art!

-by SATU LAUREL from Finland




„I’d like to express through my art that no matter

how difficult or dark life sometimes can be, there is

always at least a small amount of light“

„Art can be like a mirror and people can reflect

their own life situations and emotions into it“



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